heiCLOUD - The Heidelberg University cloud infrastructure

The service heiCLOUD offered by the University Computing Center Heidelberg supplies all institutes of the University of Heidelberg as well as members of the DFN-Verein with chargeable IT resources, which can be used analogous to similar offers of commercial providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure. The focus lies on self-provisioning and flexible scaling of the required resources, the provision takes place on one's own responsibility and without lengthy application procedures.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

The heiCLOUD allows the provisioning and usage of virtual IT infrastructure, e.g. :

A REST-based API is available for administration, which can be used with the help of a web interface (dashboard), various command-line interfaces (CLI) or directly via the corresponding programming interface.


  • IaaS for science
    From researchers for researchers.
  • Freely manage IT resources by yourself
    Via Dashboard or REST-API.
  • Stable and fast connection
    About the DFN science network X-WiN.
  • High availability
    Uniformly redundant infrastructure.
  • High security standards
    Server rooms on the Heidelberg campus.
  • High scalability
    The cloud grows with your needs.
  • Open Source
    Based on OpenStack.
  • Freely selectable VM operating systems
    Windows, Linux, BSD, own images.
  • Transparent accounting
    According to time or resource consumption.
  • Available in the German Research Network
    For research and teaching nationwide.